Impressions from the conference – Talking to Thomas Molony

What are your impressions after the second day of the conference?

I would like to stay the rest of the week, too – as there are the presentations by students and I would really like to hear what they have to say. But it is definitely good, we could all meet here in Westafrica. It is great to engage with the region of Westafrica and people that do active research here. For me – as I focus on East Africa – it is interesting to see similarities.

Is there anything particular about this conference that you would like to emphasize?

It’s a great atmosphere and it’s important to hear the students’ perspective. This conference brings a lot of new ideas and raises questions. Especially concerning this topic it is not easy to detect the new and important aspects of mobile phones. It is also important to analyse the role of operators, especially by looking at how they affect the appearance of cities. Or the import of “chinoiserien” – cheap chinese phones that are not as highly valued as other brand phones but still enable more people to have access to a phone.

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